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Curb Appeal Tips

Color A well cared for neighborhood it's easy to get lost in a sea of green. Make your property "pop" with color. This could mean flowering shrubs and grasses. Or it can be accomplished with colorful foliage.

Trimming/Pruning Get what you already have in shape. Get all your plant material pruned, lawns mowed, decks pressure washed, etc. You may find that you have a better landscape than you imagined.

Height In neighborhoods with tall houses on small lots landscaping can make a real impact. These homes tend to tower over the sidewalk and are difficult to really blend into the surroundings. The key is to get some height up on the house, especially the corners. Consider narrow trees and shrubs or even bamboo.

Lighting Will buyers visit after dusk? If so, consider the impact of low voltage lighting. A simple system can be $200-$350 per fixture, but you probably only need 4-6 fixtures to make a real difference.

Boulders Adding a 2-4 boulders to your front yard, in prominent places, can make a huge difference. Your leafy yard now has texture and weight. Head to the local rock yard and have them deliver a couple. Muscle them into place or rent a little help.

Large Pots Containers can make a dramatic statement in your landscape. Do you have a blank wall in your front yard? Or ugly downspouts near the front door? How about those two spaces that bookend your garage door? A pot or two can make a big difference. Plant them with something tall and narrow, plus a trailing ground cover.

Island Bed Many boring landscape is centered around a big swath of grass. Cut a patch out of the middle and you have yourself an island bed. Add a boulder, a flowering shrub, and some dramatic ornamental grass. Now your landscape has focus! The key to an island bed that really works is placement, shape, and proportions.