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Weeds and more weeds

It's the time of year when lawn weeds can get ahead of us. If the weeds in your garden or lawn have gotten ahead of you, make your catch-up efforts count. First, pick off any weed flowers that are going to seed to prevent the next generation, then pull or smother the weed plants and top the area with mulch to keep them from coming back. Then apply Scotts Weed and Feed for the lawn and water thoroughly and repeat in 3 months if needed.

The following are different techniques to remove weeds:

Pulling Weeds by Hand

Pulling Weeds with a Hoe

Using a Chemical Product

The best time to remove weeds is when the soil is damp and moist, for example, the day after it has rained during spring time. Damp soils are loose and make it easier to remove weeds with their roots. Otherwise, you may run the risk of cutting off the roots because they are stuck in the soil. If the soil is hard and no rain is forecasted in the next few days, consider hosing down the area with water and let the water soak overnight before you start removing weeds.

Using a Chemical Product:

If there are too many weeds to remove manually or with a hoe, you can use a weed killer to kill the weeds. Weed killers are chemicals and are not as environment-friendly if used too excessively, so use only if it is absolutely necessary. Spray the chemical directly on each weed. You can get a weed killer, such as Weed B Gon, which kills weeds including dandelions, crabgrass, and clover. This product is safe to use on your lawn as it does not damage the lawn. Instead of using a sprayer, you can purchase the weed killer concentrate and mix it with water. Then spray the water solution. After spraying the weed killer, you can see results in the next day or so. When weeds are dead, remove them by hand. A downside of weed killers is that they may not kill the weeds entirely. The chemical kills what it touches, and if it was not sprayed sufficiently on a weed, then the weed may not dy. So make sure to cover all weeds with spray appropriately.